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India Against Corruption
  • I woke up in the morning and thanked god for gifting me this life. My day would always begin with a quick chat with my family and kids. Biwi(wife) starts her day with her routine things and parceling the kids while my dad and mom have their appointments with the idols at the temple in the society. My 2BHK flat, some 1200 square feet area, in the suburbs , houses every necessity but I always wonder and wait for the time when my banker says, the flat is no more a joint venture between me and them.

    I do not read the news paper in the morning, not that I am gyaani(versed) with all developments on the board, but because my idea of being the aam aadmi doesn't matches with them. They call me aam aadmi and make policies for me, but I want to tell them that I am not an aam aadmi, they propose to sell their manifesto with. I do not need their 32 rs a day to survive, I am not pretty much in favour of the subsidy they offer me on the fuel, I am kind of okay with a gas cylinder that they atleast manage to send me at my house.

    I know it is my money they play with. Obviously I sacrificed on my son's sports studs in the march because my company deducted TDS on my earnings for them. I was taught to pay tax because it was believed that the money would circulate, will be invested again over me for my benefits. I agree, a lot of the infrastructure ,electricity and allied stuff has been set in place for me, but somehow I still see that a lot has been diverted to their pockets and may be to their covered savings. The diversion of funds does affect me daily, and it is also creating an unsecured future for my kids, may be for my retirement, but I do not see a solution to it.
    The newspapers and media is not fostering my spirit anymore, it is just creating another fear, I already have zero spirits to love my country anymore, but making me scared and stay away from the things isn't solving any problem either.

    I travel about 35 kms a day on two wheeler because even after 60 plus years of independence you failed to create a job within my locality. I fight through out the 12 hours I spend in office, and yet I am not sure if tomorrow I will be able to continue with the job. Not that I am a blue collored worker, but you are not able to implement the laws you created for us. You can't offer me present security, neither can you make me assured of a better future tomorrow. It is me who has to take care of my expenses, the illness in my family and even all recurring things. Now despite all these odds that I am supposed to manage daily, do you want me to come home tired and fight against you for my money also?

    I do see some of us fighting against corruption and I also have some sections in my heart prompting me to contribute, but my actions do not scale those heights, because I am overwhelmed with scary picture of my ironies:
    1. I am into a private job where every day is a fight and challenge to survival. The government didn't offer me a service to do, neither it has the plan to take my care , if I fail in the private job and its perfect competition. What if I fight for corruption and lose my only source of earning?
    2. I already know that you are corrupt, I am ready to bring the change also. So, give me option to choose from?
    3, My life revolves around so many recurring problems within the home, I have a pretty good family to look at and everything just runs on the EMI. How do I manage to look towards national problems?
    4. I want to fight my fears, can you fight with my issues?
    5. Arey I know they have eaten millions, billions and even trillions, now tell me something new, fighting corruption is never about exposing new problems, it is about finding solutions to the earlier ones.
    6. You have established yourself and may be noone can dare to challenge you now. I am still struggling to find a name for me, how do you think I can risk my career and life?
    7. Will you ensure my survival against the
    corrupt power?
    8. Ok, I will not offer bribe, but how will the private companies manage red tape?

    An agitated common man to the leaders of movement against corruption, the aam aadmi would love to see reforms and an alternative to current system, stop exposing more problems and try people to find solution within their confined spaces.

    Written by an Indian middle class fighting against himself and then persuaded by IAC to struggle against nation. He knows that the failure of the movement is his failure too, but how does he sacrifice?

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