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Cooking Women- Demeaning or Empowering?
  • I've heard a lot of women complain that their men don't cook for them, and they have to do all the work in the kitchen. Is this because it is thought that for a woman to cook, it's demeaning?
  • The title is misleading if you get what I mean.
  • Many men think of it as demeaning but not all. I know of a few who think of cooking as creating. Sometimes their creations are masterpieces.
  • @the_Fool What do you think would be an appropriate title? Its all yours.
  • Well, cooking women is downright brutal and cannibalistic!!! :D Maybe "Women in the kitchen - demeaning, blah,blah " as a title, would be more apt.
    That said cooking is not demeaning, whether done by men or women, as long as one enjoys it. Me n my other half, both cook and we both enjoy it, so we take turns.
  • Cooking is an art... not all can do that... irrespective of men and women many complain and try to avoid and many enjoy every bit of new experiments and delicacies. All men don't think it as demeaning and neither women should feel the same when they are cooking ( I am sure not all women does also)... There are always an exception to everything you see
  • @arunimas: Brutal, yes, but cannibalistic or not depends upon who's eating. If you're feeding her to the dogs, it's not cannibalistic at all. :D

    With the lame joke safely out of the way (it was killing me), I like to cook once in a while and don't think it's demeaning at all. Unless I'm expected to cook after I get back from work. Then I'd get mad.
  • new to this blog , this is the first to have caught all my attention..regarding cooking i have seen both sides..demeaning and empowering! And, to my shock , demeaning by women itself !!! so really don't blame on men alone here... Cooking... at the same time gives this utmost sense of liberation too,that is only in the case you are lucky enough to have the right people around you.

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