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Does size really matter?
  • When i talk of size, I mean the size of the smartphone in your hands. Right now it is the Samsung Galaxy Note II... and I am feeling rather great holding it and handling it. No problems... no sweat... no clumsiness anywhere... and absolutely no barrier to speedy operations.

    However, what is YOUR take on the SIZE of a mobile phone?
    Will the future mobile phones be of a size that does away with even a 10 inch or a 7 inch Tab?
    Will these 5 inch Note II kind of smartphones become the better alternatives to the smaller versions that most other brands have?

    I know that this year is going to see the advent of the flexi-screen... how will this affect the size of mobile phones?
  • Guess in the coming years the differences between mobile tab and laptop is going to become meaningless. And again differences between TV and computers are becoming blurred. So for all we know we might have devices completely different from what we are familiar with.
  • Size does matter. Women folk are known to have smaller hands. When I hold my bestie's Samsung Note, It is big and heavy for me, as well as difficult to operate because of its size and I go in a state like "Oh, I would've just dropped it" "Oh,No, Not this option but that" "Oh my hands ache". Whats your say?
  • Size and screen really doesn't matter when it comes to the reason you used the phone, but it is really important when style and trend matters.
  • Yes it matters, I hate phones which wont fit in my back jeans pocket.

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