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Do you want to become a run-of-the-mill author?
  • Only today i was approached by two fledgeling publishers. They asked me if I was keen to have a novel published.

    A more in-depth discussion revealed that this publisher had a published list of just three books... in fact, he hesitatingly admitted that two of the titles would be released during the Book Fair in February.

    This made me think... with so many publishers around and with the pressure of getting hold of more speedily written novels are we actually hurtling towards a stage when the real writing talent would probably get drowned in a sea of mediocrity?

    Do we need MORE good authors and less publishers... or do we need more publishers and more authors where expression does not really matter?
  • Interesting topic you have started, Mr. Passey

    think small publishers who can take risks are welcome. It is like in the corporate world - big companies won't take risks and try to just squeeze maximum out of existing business. Only smaller players bring in disruptive innovation. Similarly bigger publishers will try to take the beaten path and try to squeeze maximum revenue out of well established markets. Newer players are needed who will experiment with new authors and new genres and try to compete with bigger players using innovative marketing techniques.

    But there are lot of small publishers of the also ran kind who try to do the same thing what bigger publishers do with same genres but only going for more small time authors. These kind of publishers are not needed. Markets will anyway weed them out.
  • ^ I agree with you , Mr.Passey wonderful topic
    -Me a run-of-the-mil-author No not as of yet!
    -I think the need of the hour is Quality Authors and Quality Publishers
  • Readers will have to continue sifting through the dross to get to the gold - whether from an established publisher or a new one. From an author's point of view fledgeling publishers will certinly try harder to distribute and publicise a book as their success depends on the book's success. Established publishers don't have that worry. I would ask the two who approched you what their distribution channels are as, to my mind, distribution (not online but physical - in shops) is the last bastion of established publishers. Every other channel of publishing has been successfully challenged.

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