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Why is Blog Adda forum not so succesful?
  • @admin - Thanks. This makes it easier. Good to see the blogAdda team proactively try to get the forum active.
  • @The_fool Yes. We want to and we are sure the community will help us in the endeavor. :)
  • A single person alone cannot make it successful. Everyone has to drive here as a co-pilot...
  • We need more contests and more prizes...be it vouchers
  • I am new here and I feel the User Interface of Blogadda is very poorly designed. For example, I can not find simple information about how to post, how to make friends .. All I see is commercial activities about participating in some contests sponsored by brands. So I feel blogadda is only for brands.
  • Other blogging communities are blogger friendly, it is easier to connect with like minded people, send mails to them, exchange ideas, there is a greater chance of discovering review experts. Bloggers here are not that active and are open to commenting on topics and discussions. It was quite difficult for me to figure out how to connect with bloggers here.

    Anyway, this is my blog http://theweblisters.com/blog/
    I would like you to review and provide feedback on my blog. Thank you!
  • Now people have shifted their interests from forums to social networks.

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