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What promotion techniques do you use for your blog?
  • There is so much of useful information here. Thank you all.
    1) Reciprocity: Over the years, I've developed an informal rapport with many bloggers, I comment on their blogs, they comment on mine. Further, when I do book reviews, the authors do post this book review on their blogs, spread the message via Twitter etc. This brings new visitors to my blog. However, it is the quality of the posts that ensures repeat visitors.
    2) Use of Google+: In some rare instances, I also add my blog post to my Google+ circles.
    3) Signature line: The signature line of my personal email does contain the link to my blogs.
    And, I am optimizing visibility for my blog by providing the url here, please do visit - comments are always reciprocated. Cheers
  • Blog commenting incl. "Commentluv" blogs :)
  • I use the following ways to promote my blog:

    1. Commenting on the blogs of other people. If the blog you are commenting on is using Wordpress, there is plugin called CommentLuv. If the blogger has this activated, then you can leave a link to your latest post with your comment.
    2. Share the post on Twitter (asking friends to RT) and Facebook and Google+. I haven't got into Pininterest yet.
  • I think sharing is caring and if you go to others blog and help them they are definitely going to come at your blog.
    I mostly do blog commenting ( blog commenting means creative commenting and not spamming) and also do guest posting.
    I do have a facebook post and also share my post there.
    Participating in forums and groups on facebook is also in my list, but I do it on weekends only.
  • Blog commenting incl. "Commentluv" blogs :)

    Commenting on commentluv enabled blog is just invitation to spammers.

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