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Freedom is more important than security.
  • Howdy Everyone,

    From the very beginning of life on earth, the first and foremost need was and is always the 'sense of security'. Whether its a chimp living in jungles or a 30 years adult living in a city suburbs, we all find it better when we are secure, and risking security to enjoy your preposterous freedom doesn't make any sense to me.

    I'm not a supporter of over-protectiveness which is a completely different ground. May be today when your parent's protest any of your action, you might feel that they are crushing your freedom and being unreasonable, but when you once reach their age and your kids ask you for the same thing, then you will realize their genuine worry for you.

    Whenever the freedom is used in an undisciplined manner, the result is obnoxious, not only for the person involved but also for the people who care about him/her.

    So I believe kindling the idea of a secure freedom would bring a great change.

    Thank you
    ~ Ayushi Khare
  • Agree with Ayushi Khare that the idea of secured freedom is better.Freedom and security go hand in hand and one without the other is like a lock without a key to a door.
  • freedom. no doubt. curtailing freedom in the guise of providing security is not worth it. security is a mirage while freedom is real. let us embrace the real and ignore the illusion.
  • Security and freedom. These two words don't gell together, do they? Freedom is never total, nor should it be. Freedom of doing anything and everything will only bring chaos.

    Freedom should not be curtailed or bound, but it should be carefully watched. Anti-social eliments have always been present. Total freedom would only mean anarchy. We do not live in a society where everything is rosy and picture perfect.

    It has to be a blend, a fine balance between freedom and security.
  • @ayushi14 Very valid point but a secure freedom you say, could you tell us what exactly you mean by that?

    @lisma @doubledgedsword has an extremely valid point when he says total freedom will result into anarchy. So does that change your view in any way?
  • Every body wants freedom to do anything.If doing right and something in favor of mankind there is no need of security. but some time some antisocial element or people who don't want something to be in favor of mankind become threat to the first kind of people.I think there are two type of freedom one is positive freedom and other is negative freedom.In case of positive one there is no need of security but for negative freedom( freedom that become threat to our society) need of security is essential to protect mankind.

  • When you get a freedom, it comes with some responsibilities.
    In the cases of childrens they don't know about this world so they try to explore it, at this time, their parents use to scare them with the stories of ghosts and other things.
    We must tell them the truth and what will they come across while doing it and give full freedom to do things they want to.
    In the case of travelling in other countries, we must understand that every country is not like India, and most of the world is at war with terrorism, so we must understand that while we have freedom to explore, but it does not come across others security.
  • I liked the terms, "secure freedom" postulated by Ayushi and the phrase "Freedom of doing anything and everything will only bring chaos" postulated by doubledgedsword.

    Both these, form up the base for this discussion.

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