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Isn't it possible to post directly to blogger from my PC?
  • Well, I am searching for a Windows desktop gadget or a software tool, using which I will be able to write offline the content I want to blog, and then go online and post it directly from the gadget or software, itself!!!!

    Have any of u come across any such tools? Anybody replying with ideas, I would be very grateful for them!
  • there is a software called "windows live writer" which you can download from Official windows website
    It is free to use, and you can use is with blogger, Wordpress and many other blogging platforms, and also you can preview how the post will look on your blog while writing it.
    also you have three options after completing writing
    1) save on hard drive
    2) save on blog
    3) publish on blog

    ask if you have any doubt. :-)
  • Thank you so much! But, what's ur real name??? I dont think mentioning you as "update yourself" in a comment, is quite good!
  • @vamsynkrishna

    My real name is Pratik but while opening account at blogadda back in 2011 I used updateyourself and now its stick to my pic forever.
  • @updateyourself thats an interesting story. u could update it in your blog. may become an interesting read.

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