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Co-Education Schools are better than Same Sex Schools.
  • Same sex schools provide a better and comfortable environment for the students and also is sort of a relief for the parents. However, co-existence is important in the world and so grooming the students from the beginning for the same is also a good concept.


    Do you agree or disagree? What side are you on? What is your opinion? In today's world should the child be in a same sex school or a co-ed school? Let us know your views on this topic.
  • FOR

    Co ed helps simply because they provide an environment where both genders can mix well. I've observed few of my friends who came from all boys convents being socially awkward at first. When we have to coexist, why not start from ground level itself?
  • FOR

    Co ed definitely is better because we learn to grow and learn to behave with the opposite sex. It is indeed a great learning experience.
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    How can anyone learn to deal with the outer world if he or she has been chained down in an environment where all he or she sees is a similar sex and the exploration of mind is limited to a mindset of the same sex? How can a guy learn the difference between talking to a guy and talking with a girl? How can a girl know how to interact with the opposite sex.

    The life is not limited to a school or a college. Someday everyone has to work in the corporate until and unless there is a family business to own. Even in that case one has to deal with both the genders.

    This is just a stupid Indian mentality that same sex school or colleges offer a better environment. My friends have been there in such schools and colleges. Students their have no limit of what is moral and what is not.

    Co-Ed schools must be preferred. Every child has to learn how to deal with the world as the world is never limited to the shrunken boundaries of an institution.
  • FOR

    Why does one want to segregate children of opposite sex when in life they have to interact, mingle and work together?. This is ridiculous.
  • FOR

    I personally feel it is better to groom them from the very beginning to co-exist. I am not for same sex schools as they do not bring in the right attitude in the children. I feel sorry for children who have attended same sex school till a certain age and then suddenly are thrown into a totally different world, which actually is the real world.
  • Everybody here is for co-education. However, there still are parents who prefer enrolling the child in a same sex school. What could be the thought process behind doing that? @kalpana1 @rajin79 @anmolrawat
  • Parents feel that same sex schools are safer for their children. Debating parents state that their children will not get wrongly influenced if in the company of the same sex. But they fail to understand that ultimately the child has to live in a mixed society. They cannot shy away from this fact. And the sooner they learn to co-exist, the better.
  • Whether it is same sex school or co-ed school, every student should know the limits and emotions of each other. To me, it hardly matters for a student, but yes parents should take the responsibility and should become friend of their child. It will help in future to avoid problems, if any.
  • I studied at a co-ed school and would wish the same for everyone. It is fun and a relaxed environment to grow in.
  • @rajin79 Yes you are right, some parents may feel it is safer but in the end the child has to live in a society that is mixed.

    @Nandinideka You point is also very valid. Sometimes parents feel that reputation of the school as also the proximity of the school from the house is more important than the factor of whether it is a same sex school or co-ed school.

    @anwei Yes, very true parents should understand the child and be as friendly as possible with the child.

    @purvamestry Yes, indeed it is a fun and relaxed environment. Could you share with us any specific incident from your school life that comes to your mind when we talk about this debate?

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