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Capital Punishment Should Be The Final Verdict For Rapists.
  • If a minor can rape a women, then why he shall be let off with just 3 years in jail!!! the crime is same as done by the other rapist (adult), then all should be under same punishable level. Now to hang a rapist or just capital punishment or some year in jail term, is a debatable----according to me hanging should be the perfect punishment. There must be some fear of laws for those criminals, which at present is not there----
  • I very much agree with that, for rape has been and is still a very large unobstructed crime in India. Due to the many loopholes present in the Indian legal implementations, and its direct affect on the crimes being committed all over, there has always been a seasonal recurrence of some major crime types triggered because of some happenings, based on the historical data. And, if a proper implementation of law in eradicating such major crimes has been done based on such a data, the wisdom of our higher authorities would have been proven.
  • The point is that we want a 'solution' more than 'punishment'. When a nation or a government decides on sensitive matters such as Life, know that it is not so easy to judge what is 'right' or 'wrong'. Of course, it is justified to say that one who damages the sanctity of a social process and acts against humanity has no right to exist.

    However, it is also important to understand the dynamics of Capital Punishment and then reason it out. Do you have the authority to take what you cannot give? What about his family, who had no role in the heinous crime. What happens to the social and economic livelihood of that family, and we are all familiar of AB's famous dialogue: "mera baap chor hai" tattooed on his hand.. what is the child's fault?

    Such crimes are enacted in two manners, firstly at the spur of the moment and secondly, are planned. No doubt that crime is crime. There is no way one can reduce the disgust of the act. Nonetheless, if the crime happened in the spur of the moment and the convict is ready for penance, he must be given cumbersome punishment such as lifetime working in NGOs of the Jail, and part of his income should go to the victim's family and the rest to his own. On the contrary, there have been crimes wherein the convict had carefully planned the act, in such cases, I do not think there can be any laxity, whatever be the cost. It deserves capital punishment, which is given by the Indian government. My only complaint being the draggish attitude that it takes towards capital punishment and castration. A vigilant policing and stricter laws will most definitely help reduce crime.
  • no change can be made in the punishment until and unless the judicial process and the process of investigation can be improved. before you say something as serious (and i am sure 99 percent of people don't realize the seriousness of death) as capital punishment, you need to make sure that the police investigation procedures and legal procedures are perfect and without any loophole. imagine what would have happened in we had death penalty in the dowry cases. so, first making the investigation and courtroom/legal procedures is absolutely necessary.

    more important is changing mindsets, which is the most difficult of all. i feel that a lot of such cases could be avoided if parents teach their sons and daughters that they are equal and should treat them equal as well. in so many houses women are treated like dirt, what else would you expect from people in such households?

    it is such a sad state for India, a country where Goddess is the most powerful but women are mistreated each day.
  • I agree with edlithium. We don't want innocent people hanged. Till the majority of ordinary Indians feel there is corruption, the ability for some to buy off the police and subversion of the constitution by the powers that be, India shouldn't even think of capital punishment. The severest punishment for rapists under the Indian constitution is a must. Three years for raping and killing that beautiful girl, Jyoti, and destroying her family is a travesty of justice.

    At the same time, recently, we read about a doctor in Mumbai being accused of rape by a person who he was treating for TB for free. A huge number of people came out in support of the good doctor. Apparently the person with TB had her husband with her and he went out to the reception area to answer a phone call on his mobile which is when the doctor allegedly raped her. I dread to think what would've happened to the doctor had people (many of them, his patients) not come out in such huge numbers to support him and vouch for his integrity and had his lawyer not prevented him from going to the police station right then but after ensuring there was forensic evidence to support the accusation.
  • Whatever a heinous crime is, is always punishable for it is offending ones democracy! So, this kind of matters are not at all arguable, but are discussion-oriented. Because, an argument itself can spur a lot of other crimes, which in-turn becomes a head-ache for many!

    Prevention is always better than Cure!

    With the level and heights of number of rapes being committed and felons being convicted; the number of Capital Punishments implemented will definitely reach new heights and set new records; because of the fact that in India for every 54 minutes there is a rape committed!

    And so, as I told in my previous comment, a strategic analysis of the historical trend of rapes in India should be made, followed by a discussion among the concerned and related authorities to find out all kinds of reasons whether logical or sensible rooting for a rape, critically perform an analysis on such find outs to arrive at a conclusion, for minimizing such crimes.

    This kind of implementation for curbing such sort of heinous crimes, will definitely pave way for a better reduction in the rapes committed in India. With a better reduction in rapes, a Capital Punishment can be implemented along-with the curbing measures, for further occurrences of the rape scenarios.
  • @moderngypsy Yes we agree with you, the attitude is what has to change. Also, your point about the people being from lower middle class and so actually getting caught soon is also very valid. If the criminals were in any way associated with influential people, we really don't know whether they would even get caught.

    @angancha You are right when you say a minor or not, the crime is the same.

    @vamsynkrishna Yes, the laws have to be more strict and fear has to be instilled in the mind of people. The second comment posted by you is indeed brilliant. We are in total agreement with every thing you've said.

    @nandinideka Why do you think castration is a better option?

    @whatdefinesme That is indeed a brilliant way to put it. We don't think anyone would have thought of crimes being punished if they were planned and punished but maybe a little less harsh, if they were committed at the spur of the moment. Also, you are right when you say the families sure had no role to play and why should they suffer for something they haven't done.

    @edilthium Very true, the mindset is the main hurdle we're facing presently and that is what has to undergo a radical change. Women are mistreated each day, sadly very true.The judicial procedures also have to be improved, undoubtedly. Any suggestions on how that can be done?

    @kayEm Your point is also true. There should indeed be a strict punishment and more so a punishment that is equal so that those even with influence can't escape. There is a possibility where it may be a false accusation but don't you think these cases are very rare?

    @arunimas The numbers of such crimes in those countries have surely reduced after the implementation of these strict punishments.

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