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There Should Be Strict Action Taken Against The People Who Are Involved In Ragging.
  • What is defined as strict action? Most of those who indulge in ragging are 17-19 years old. Given that age has quite some implication on our legal system, this could be a major player on what quantifies as strict action.
  • @poohsden The strict action would be dismissing the people involved, from the respective institution or in extremely severe cases filing a police complaint against the concerned individuals.
  • The only action should be taken against ragging is to raise your voice against who rags you. Because victim of ragging sometimes become very serious and try to end the life. Life of everybody is precious and don't let it go because of others.So raise your voice..
  • @royalajoy Yes, it is important to raise your voice against people who rag others.
  • OF COURSE yes there should be such law and regulation that ragging wont exist here after.

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