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What are your take-aways from this Blog world?
  • Oh wow @LazyPineapple! Blogging leading to professional writing! That's such a wonderful achievement! And yes, friends make life beautiful in blogosphere too! :)
  • @bloggerrajesh Yes, by and large, people are the same everywhere, but some create a facade and their real life is very different from the virtual life!! :)
  • First of all I have certainly improved my writing over the years and I understand that there are a lot more people who write better than me - so thats a push that I keep giving myself! AND I have made my share of lovely friends :) Being very active just under one year - this is what I'd say as of now!
  • Of course it has helped add to friend list.It has been so wonderful meeting some of these friends personally.
    Besides,I am one to confess,my writing skills have improved.
    Now,for me,blogging is a pep up pill for the day
  • @Kappu Oh yes, blogging certainly improves your writing skills. There is a big difference in my writing within a span of 3 years and I know the difference! Like minded friends is another bonus... well said! :)
  • @bkchowla : I have met just one blogger in real life and am so keen to meet so many of the fellow bloggers.... let's see when that happens! :)
    True, writing definitely improves, also when you read so much online and such varied views and expressions even your thoughts change... and you are so enriched! :)
  • For me blogging has evolved as a key facet of life in the last 5 years. Lot of people sit at home and reel out novels. I could not motivate myself to write even a page on Word till I started blogging. Ever since I have been seeing other bloggers and learning and my literary experiments have been going by leaps and bounds - fiction, poetry, satire articles, reviews etc. Now I am even trying to write a novel length piece as series of blog posts over a year or so. Every time I visit someone's blog, I get new ideas for content, presentation, style, blog look and feel, publicity etc. Its been a really enjoyable trial and error experience.

    The above was just one facet. The other is the large number of friends I have made. Initially bonds were forged through reciprocal exchange of comments. Then began to connect more closely through forums such as Indiblogger. Then to further improve interaction, I have not created a facebook id dedicated to blogging where I keep my other friends out and exclusively interact with bloggers. These days I feel more closer to my blogger friends than real world friends.
  • Indeed, the blog world has opened up the window to a plethora of networking opportunities. People actually give cognizance to the ideas, opinions and themes expressed in one's blog posts.
    However, the chance to speak up your mind, the platform to express your ideas in the form of words, all of this add up to something quite remarkable. The choice of regional languages makes it even more to express vague thoughts in lucid form.
  • Blogging gives me happiness. The first smile I get when I am able to put up a nice post.
    Then comes some more smiles when bloggers or readers read it and come up with their comments.It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am doing something different.. and in return there is an advantage of knowing more and more people or say like-minded heads come together..
  • @The_Fool : Blogging has given you the confidence, experience and vast knowledge and information to foray into writing a book! This is simply commendable and inspiring! Way to go!!
    Yes, friends are the best assets that the blog world has given us! Agree :)

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