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Have you ever thought of making blogging as a career?
  • If yes, then how is it going? :) If no, then what are the reasons not to think so? Is it because of technical issues, content issues, or something else. Share your thoughts on how can one make blogging as a career.
  • Yes, it has almost become a second career for me and probably, I would consider making it a primary one in coming years. Its fun and gives me lot of freedom to do whatever I want to.
  • there is no such ideal age. I think the sooner you start, the better it is.
  • yes blogging can be made as a career,but people belonging from lower middle class families like me can't have a penchant only for writing , because we have many responsibilities to fulfill and besides this career won't pay me much to fulfill those
  • I would love to... but I don't know how to go about it. I would rather have someone hire me and tell me what to do and stuff.
  • it sure will be a nice career for those who are really good at it, as of now I still have a ways to go to be even a good blogger, I type too abstract so I doubt any chance in making it a career.
  • Not really, i'm unable to understand if there is enough money in blogging to take it seriously.... Maybe as a secondary or a tertiary career, never a primary one. Unless it actually does make as much money as I would require...
  • i would love to, but i simply don't know how!
  • @ramblinginthecity Which city are you from?
  • I am a professional Blogger. I have been blogging full-time for the last 2 years, after working for about 6.5 years. It was not an easy decision to make and taking up blogging as a career requires the heart to face a lot of hardship and one need to make sacrifices. Of course, you need to persist. Otherwise, there is no point in taking this as a career.


    Work from home, work on any niche you want to, write on any topics you are interested, work at anytime you want to, network with other bloggers, have fun, personal satisfaction.


    PPC advertising pays very less in the beginning (till about a year), even if you consistently update your blog. After a point of time, its important to consider other sources of revenue than advertising. Advertising will not cover your living costs at least for the initial few years.

    You need to have some expertise/knowledge about the niche/topics you want to write about. Writing something for the sake of writing (without knowledge/understanding) will never get you traffic. Writing about professional topics (instead of personal) and writing for the western audience has given me better ad revenue.

    Need to closely monitor the blog/web advertising industry, latest SEO trends, alternative income sources, language/grammar, other blogs/news in your niche, and the list goes on........... Its a lot of work, actually!

    Basically, you get a lot of exposure and satisfaction but making money is tough, to say the least. It is for people who want to swim against the tide. Make sure that you save enough money (living costs) at least for 3-4 years and learn the meaning of 'bootstrapping' before considering this option.

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