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Celebrate Blogging - BlogAdda Blog Awards
  • I just submitted my blog "galaxyofinnovations" but saw that the submission stage is I reckon over. Please kindly see to it team, my blog got approved just few days ago and I've been looking forward to the awards in the highest anticipation. For a young writer like me, the award mean a lot. :)
  • has the time gotten over? I could still nominate my blog. Please tell me if my entry is accepted??
  • Judging from August 20 to September 31 - a full forty days. I guess, with the number of blogs that must have entered, you'll need that much time. Still, between now and then do keep us informed with little nuggets of information.
  • my blog is based on personal finance, investment, but there is no category related to finance, investment etc. I add extra category as personal finance, is it will be okay?
  • BlogAdda I second Sunita. I write whatever that comes to my mind: personal experience, dreams, romance, reviews, cricket, poems and fictions. In this case, do we have a category called versatile writer?

    I just came to know that BlogAdda forums is back!

    Someone is Special
  • I must say I'm impressed with the videos you've uploaded of the judges saying a few words to us bloggers. Makes them more real and creates a buzz for the awards. Hope you make many such videos of them saying impromptu things - a standard format becomes repititive and boring.
  • @subzeroricha You can still nominate your blog. Go ahead and do it if you haven't as yet!

    @KayEm Yes, we would surely keep everyone informed.

    @angancha You can surely suggest a category. If there are enough good blogs within that, we could have that as a major category.

    @someonespecial Haha.. we do have a 'personal' category. Yes, we are back and so glad to see you! :)

    @KayEm Thank you so much. More are coming your way and hope that you like them. You can also mail us if there is any specific feedback or thoughts you have. :)
  • I think a month long posting of blogs by any blogger, and then deciding upon the best blogger from their posts, would be a better competition! In such, the winner can be decided upon the variety of themes that he has selected in all the 30 posts, their creativity in all the posts, pressure handling and such features.
  • Good to know that. :)

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