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What is the way for a cartoonist blogger to get published in a newspaper?
  • I draw cartoons and post them on my blog here- http://abhyudayatoons.blogspot.com/.

    The ultimate aim for a cartoonist is I guess, to reach a wider audience. How do you suggest I go about it?
  • Thank you so much for the advice Team. I am surely going to try those tips. The interviews helped too. Wishing that one day I will be the interviewee. Hehe... dreams dreams... :-) Thank you again
  • @abhyu00 I've been through your blog, every time you post a new cartoon.

    Well some I love, while some I feel were okay-ish (that's just a personal opinion) .. Yet again, what you do is what very few people do and you're GOOD at it. Really GOOD!

    Have you ever tried sending them to newspapers? I know that Hindustan Times definitely encourages budding talent. I'd written a casual feature and well I was lucky it got published. You should try it out!

    All the very best :)
  • Thank you @confusedsoul, I always have loved your comments on my blog. I have thought about sending them to a newspaper but, have never gone further than drawing them on a sheet of paper and folding them into an envelope. I guess I have this immense fear of rejection. I will surely give it a try. :-) Thanks for the encouragement. And my apologies for the late reply.
  • @abhyu00: Why fear? Go ahead and send them! All the best. :)
  • Thank you team, fear because I've already tried emailing them but no response. Feels like my mails are going to some hollow abyss.

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