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Pressure of posting?
  • Well , i really don't feel the pressure of updating my blog often (i hope i don't sound Lazy). I update my Blog, only when i have something constructive . My Blog mainly has Stories ( a little twisted, most of them), so it takes me, time to come up with them. Till i have my story, i read other my fav blogs.
  • I am only a year old in blogging but i dont feel the pressure to post just for the reason of blogging. I write posts to get ideas & thoughts out of mind. I'll get some idea/thought at any time of the day & if ir gets stuck in my mind, it doesn't lets me sleep. Whole time it will be knocking my head. So for quick relief i'll write it somewhere on paper or on pc. This sometimes create a backlog & then i feel pressurized to post them soon or i'll liose the thought.
    Even right now, in my pocket diary, i've 6-7 ideas pending to be posted.But due to exam pressure i am not able to reflect on them. And some ideas i've scraped because i can't relate to them anymore, they are lost.
  • Interesting thoughts here. Let the conversations flow in. :)
  • Well, there should be a certain frequency as regards posts, but it does not mean that one must blog every day, or every week. It is true that if you don't blog with regularity the traffic will die down, but here are some tips that I follow:
    1) When I have time, I keep posts ready in draft format. Blogger automatically uploads it on the 'set' date and time. Thus, even if I am not physically devoting time to uploading the post, blogger does it for me
    2) RSS feeds help your regular readers to know when you have posted. So be sure to upload the RSS feed application.
    3) If you are going to be away for a long time, put up an announcement for your readers. I have three blogs (a personal blog, a book review blog and a technical tax blog). My personal blog is on the backburner for now, but I have let my readers know that by way of an announcement on my blog.
    Happy blogging, all.
  • I don't know if posting frequently matters for a creative blog. After all a story posted 2-3 years back is equally relevant today as it was then. So when there is so much unread content in the archives, why would someone seriously interested in reading me demand new content all the time?

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