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What promotion techniques do you use for your blog?
  • How do you reach out to more users? What has worked for you? Twitter, Facebook, Word of Mouth or Something else?
  • I use various blog directories and forums to promote my blog. Commenting on other blogs also proves helpful. I have recently started using Facebook for promotion.. but the response is slow.
  • If one writes informative and interesting unique content (not found much elsewhere), they can get a lot of traffic from the search engines.
  • I don't know how does search engine works. It's not working for me for sure ( may be because I'm new).

    For blog directories have worked so far :)
  • I use the following mediums to increase my blog visibility.

    1. Blog Directories where we get to connect with a number of bloggers.
    2. Commenting on posts of other bloggers helps us in getting readership from not just the blog author but also fellow bloggers who visit their blog.
    3. Search Engines to a little extent. I check my blog stats to keep a tab on the traffic sources. I found a little traffic coming from people who look for images randomly on Google and are directed to my blog instead.
    4. I have a list of people whom I share my blog post whenever I pen down something new.
    5. I leave a status update on my Gtalk so that people I talk to would know I've a new post.
    6. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn also help in getting readers.
  • i immediately post links of my new blog posts on facebook and twitter.
    the "signature" in the mails that i send, is my blog's address.
    i have signed up for a few blog directories which help me gain traffic.
    i ask my friends to read and "share" if they like any post(s).
    i read many blogs and comment on posts. i get many visitors via the comments.
  • 1. Writing good content rather than focusing just on frequency
    2. Relevant links
    3. Link the latest post in FB
    4. e-MAIL the new post to the friends who are interested in the area
    5. Put the link in the signature line of e-mail
    6. Give valuable comments to other blog posts
    7. Inform friends who like blogs
    8. Print the blog id in your personal visiting cards
  • Recently, I have started posting my website images on Pinterest. I am getting some good traffic from Pinterest.
  • In the blogging world, you get what you receive. The more blogs that you visit and comment on, the more people will visit you. You also make quite a few friends in the process, so it is undoubtedly the best way.

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