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Marriage: an option or a requirement
  • My friend and I got into this discussion. It really got me thinking abd that's why I'd like to hear from my fellow bloggers.

    Should marriage be a choice? Or is it a requirement, a necessity?

    For me it should be a choice. My friend says it is the ultimate form of commitment but I disagree. Because if it was, we wouldn't have divorces. It is a choice if you want to get married. Not a compulsion.

    So what do you people think? Choice or requirement?
  • Everybody needs a companion who will be with you till your death. I don't think your childrens gonna be with you when you get old they will have there work, and you will don't want to interrupt them.
    I will agree with your friend that "it is the ultimate form of commitment" that you will always be there in any circumstances, but It should be from both sides..
    Divorces happen many times because of misunderstanding and many times only one person is committed.
  • I think in case of marriage everybody should take this risk. It is a very different adventure in everybody's life. As in Indian saying 'shaddi ka ladoo jo khaye pachtaye jo na khaye wo bhi pachtaye'.
  • that depends on what kind of a person you are asking this question. bcoz, each person has their own orientations imbibed into by the traditions that they follow in their community. with the time going by, evrything is falling apart. if the person is still following the customs and traditions that his community has, they might value it; but if the person is adapted to the new customs and traditions that the society has, they might value the new ways of marriage. so, whatever the word is, it is always the same, in my opine.
  • Marriage was earlier a requirement but not any more, when you can have sex without marriage. Live in is an alternative but men need to be bothered about getting rape case if the live in relation is soured. Issue is with new Hindu marriage law amendment, marriage has become too risky for men.

    Any small issue can be exaggerated and the man and his family's life is ruined for good. Soceity always believes that the man is the criminal and no matter what the woman does she always wins, either money, or property or children etc, still feminists talk about male privilege. Wife doing domestic violence is not a crime, she can tell lies in court, have adultery but will not be punished, and now with marriage law amendment she gets 50% share in husband's property as well.

    Marriage specially with Hindu girls is a big risk in India now. Today marriages break even after 37 years, I know cases where the husband took all care of the family, bought expensive gifts for the wife and on divorce wife takes away everything and he comes to street. This is how feminists have finished the ritual of marriage.
  • @ND - not for men anymore. When only the husband's property share goes to the wife no matter what she does. No matter how cruel the wife had been her property remains intact and no matter how good the husband was, he always pays. No responsibility for the wife, all responsibility to the husband. Still it is called equality, patriarchy and male dominated soceity...men who do not want to listen eventually taste their blood..
  • It is a choice ,if there is no second choice there is no word "Divorces".
  • It is an option open to all,to be exercised by using best discretion which ultimately,in general,runs into requirement.
  • If you have someone that you really care about, then only it is choice, otherwise compulsion!

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