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What makes you visit a blog?
  • Not just visit, what makes you come back over and over again? Is the the blogging platform? The wording, the theme?
    and what makes you stay away from a blog?
  • @kofykat A very interesting question indeed. We think many factors contribute to it but on the top it would be well written content and the warmth the blogger and the blog oozes.
  • agree about the warmth.... but what about platforms. I for one tend to follow people with wordpress more than anyone else. it is just easy since I myself have a wordpress blog.
  • The content mainly. Also, the Bloggers reply to your comments acts as a stimulant to keep revisiting their blog
  • @kofykat The platform does matter, to a certain extent. I, being a Blogger-addict, tend to follow blogspot blogs more often, due to the same reason that you mentioned. And I agree with @wordworm as well, but the biggest factor for me is coming across an interesting tweet or link or post from a blogger elsewhere, and then following the link to their blog. I have discovered some real treasures and made amazing friends this way.
  • i usually get the links on facebook or twitter and if the title of the post is catchy, i will surely open the link.. :)

    if all the gadgets are at the right place and all the titles are catchy, then i may surely visit the blog again :)
  • I'm relatively new to the blogging world so I'm just trying to figure out what makes bloggers revisit a blog.
    @sudeshnadas that helps thanks. I being a wordpress user tend to follow wordpress. since the commenting is really easy on it so is replying to comments.
  • It's mostly content. If I like the content of a blog, I would make sure to visit it again in future. And if I feel the blogger produces quality content regularly, I would usually become a follower or subscribe to their feed.
  • Hey Kofykat .. That's a question I've wanted to ask myself. But the answer's clear.

    For me it's about simplicity and content. If he/she writes on topics I can relate to or connect with, I visit the blog, follow it and go back for more. It is never about those BIG LONG ENGLISH WORDS which is used to enhance a post. It's about those few little words which convey.

    Also the bloggers approach. By which I mean, the way he/she interacts with new visitors matter. So yeah that's what makes visit :)
  • @Confusedsoul You can Tag @kofykat by adding an '@' before her username. :) Try it now. :P
  • Sorry for the late reply guys, I had my exams going on. :-) @confusedsoul I for one find grammar errors unforgivable. A typo here and there is fine but obvious mistakes are ridiculous and I would never visit that blog again.

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