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interesting topics to write about for their blog?
  • Can anyone give me some suggestions about some interesting topics interesting topics to write about for their blog?

    Although many blog about their interests or hobbies or their daily routines. I opine that blogging is mostly about an expression of opinions on the social topics or any general!

    I would like to know your general views on some blogging interests that I can post about in my blog, to gain more blog readers!
  • may be you can write about movies reviews and stars affair, many people like to read about it
  • @updateyourself thats an interesting idea. definitely it attracts the movie-goers and fashion followers.
  • u start a blog about the education, it will attract by many students...and also useful to them
  • start blog with the topics of latest technology review because this topic is very searchable and highly payable in adsense so you can get traffic and money too.

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