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Salaam Namaste
  • WOW! double shot!
  • all are very good writes, and are so pleasing. due to time constraints.... i was unable to spend much time on it! next time i will meet ths standards. but, i expected a kind of review posted as reply to my submission!
  • Yayyy!!! I see the link to my post here. Thanks BlogAdda, I'm glad I could do justice to the WOW prompt :)
  • @jaideepkhanduja Congrats :)

    @vamsynkrishna Unfortunately it is not possible for us to post reviews for every post that is selected or not selected. You write very well and we are sure to see your name here soon :)

    @nostalgicpri Congratulations!

    @nandinideka Most Welcome!
  • I am very keen to learn what mistake I made for not being selected, after the kind of response from my readers I got on this particular entry from me. Will blogadda team please help?
  • Thanks so much BlogAdda for shortlisting my story...encouragement and appreciation is all that a Blogger really wants..and u guys just know how to get it right...:)
  • Thanks a lost for the selection...its 3rd WOW for me :)
  • Thanks Team BlogAdda for selecting my post! Motivating indeed. :)
  • Where can we get the WOW badge to flaunt and feel good about? :)
  • @abhrapal There is not mistake as such for not being selected. Your post was very nicely done and you looked at the prompt with an angle that no one else did. All of this is to your credit :) We look forward to your participation in this week's WOW too!

    @amitparashar Congrats on the hat-trick!

    @shaivi You know how to write really good posts that make us want to acknowledge and appreciate bloggers like you :) Cheers!

    @solitaryreaping Congratulations and you will find the WOW badge on the BlogAdda website page where the prompts are given!

    Also Bloggers, we've started with BlogAdda Debates on the Forum as well. We would love to know your opinions on the various topics that need to be discussed. Please visit http://forum.blogadda.com/categories/blogadda-debates and let us know your views. Thank You!

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