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Sex Education Should Be Made Mandatory In High Schools.
  • @nandinideka Could you please elaborate a little on your reply.
  • yes. for mny reasons. but i will list just one.
    this information which u r going to give is
    something they will get somehow. so give it
    to them in a clean plate.
  • @lisma We would love to know the other reasons as well.
  • Yes..its important. Human sexuality has biological, physical & emotional aspects. Adolescents are curious about aspects of their sexuality as well as the nature of sexuality in general, and that many will seek to experience their sexuality in some way. Providing info on these aspects in a structured way will address their queries properly. Though in today's world access to information is one click away. But the most of the information do not address their issues properly. Curiosity about sexuality is maximum during the period following puberty. Any wrong and informal information may lead to unnecessary problems for them, in fact they are prone to get dragged in wrong arena due to deficiency of proper information, increasing incidences of teenage pregnancies are live examples. And how can we forget outbreak of AIDS, something which is the result of non awareness of sexual issues as one of the major reasons, not to forget other STIs. My only submission for providing sex education formally is that is should focus less on anatomy and more on emotional front & communication.
  • Sex Education Should Be Made Mandatory In High Schools

    Yes, it should be made mandatory during the adolescent stage of an individual's life where he/she will get to differentiate between the do's and don'ts and that can be done only with a proper mode of education. If it is treated as a taboo then it is going to be too late by the time he/she realizes the effects of it (harmful, indeed).
  • @amitparashar We agree with everything you say. It is always more wise to receive information from the correct sources.

    @nandinideka Yes, teen pregnancies and other such issues are on the rise. So appropriate information regarding the topic from trusted sources like teachers always is better.

    @writerashwin Yes, in India sex and anything related to it is still considered taboo. That is the main reason behind the problems faced by the adolescents because they cannot talk freely to their parents about it, so they end up receiving not-so-correct or wrong information from friends and landing up in problems.
  • While the debate, At what age should SEX education begin ?? goes on endlessly. I strongly suggest instead of treating it as a responsibility of an educational institution, it should begin at home where parents, grandparents or elder siblings, cousins should take up this initiative and start teaching. Lets not ignore the fact that the percentage of boys having faced sexual abuse is 52.94 which is higher than girls (47.06%). So let's protect our innocent children.

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  • I completely agree with this girl ananya ! Parents sometimes can be the best guide while explaining certain things to the younger generation of today's society ! Since they r sometimes vying to go out n " experiment " with certain things, prior to that their knowledge about what it is n it's consequences should be given by parents ! I mean common, parents these days have to be more of a friend n understand that a growing child is curious in these things . So the education of sex being made mandatory in high school is also a fine decision
  • A Big YES!!. Educating Children about sex debate always go on. Children should be educated right before adolescent years when they feel curious about the opposite sex.
    In some west countries like US kids begin to learn in school at the age 10. We might feel Odd at this, but its better to talk with kids about what is sex and how sex is part of our life and its defined only in Marriage.
  • Yes It should be done compulsory at 7 or 8 class.

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