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What blogging tips would you give to a person who wants to start a blog?
  • What things one must keep in his/her checklist? Let's share for the newbie/wannabe bloggers. :) We can even talk about the tools that we use.
  • 1. Concept
    2. Execute
    3. Be original
    4. Socialize

    1. Concept: It's always great to narrow down the topic/topics to be blogged in the blog. Hence, a concept is the first thing you need to visualize in your mind. A blogger that writes only on movie reviews or cricket is more interesting than someone who writes about anything and everything under the sun(with exceptions though). So visualize your niche area; an area in which you're comfortable in and can shell out quality posts. Don't just do it for the heck of it.

    2. Execute: Once, you've a topic/theme for your blog, the next step is to pick one of the various blogging platforms: Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad etc. Each one has it's pros and cons. A quick Google would bring up multiple analysis and comparison of the same.

    3. Be original: Trying to emulate a popular blogger can mean doom for your new blog. Try to churn out original posts. The crispier the better. This is 2012 and no one has the patience and time to go through a 1200 word essay.(unless you're Justin Beiber and your readers are teen girls, but I doubt that too & hence Justin uses Twitter: 140 chars)
    So make your blog sweet, simple, to the point and crisp. That doesn't mean you need to compromise on your story. Brevity is the soul of wit. (try reading Seth Godin's blogs and you'll understand what I mean)

    4. Socialize: What good is a blog that contains quality posts but remains unknown to the whole wide internet? An art is not an art if there's no one to appreciate it. So make your blog as social as possible(but don't mess it with 100 social buttons, try adding the main ones like FB, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS feed etc)
    Keep a provision for people to subscribe to your blog posts through email/RSS. (Use feedburner etc.)
    At the end of the day, if your content is awesome, your blog will eventually catch up.
    All the best!!
  • @deathfrag Nice post. Pleasure to have you here.
  • @TeamBlogAdda Thank you for such a wonderful platform.
  • to post regularly.
    not to copy. be original.
    build your network. reading (and commenting) is as important to your blog as writing.
    sign up for directories and submit your blog there.
    interact with your readers and prompt them to return soon. :)
  • Don't Plagiarize, Be Original and Write a Blog Post every day.
  • 1. Be original. No copying.
    2. Keep it simple (don't try to make it look deliberately written)
    3. Respect your readers.
    4. Keep blogging :D
  • @malharbarai @jigardoshi20991 @vikramkarve @confusedsoul: Thank you for these suggestions. What about the genre of blogging?

    How can a newbie blogger go about selecting his/her genre of blogging? There are many bloggers who start a niche blog and stop blogging after sometime.

    Are there few important things that he/she should look out for when deciding on starting a niche/personal blog?

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