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Let's talk about the things that have helped/changed after you started blogging.
  • It could be the way you look at life, new friendships and relationships & much more. Let us converse.
  • Blogging has had a profound impact on my life....in terms of friendships, work and most importantly life, it has touched every aspect of my being....

    I have found some amazing friends, embarked upon an alternative freelance travel & content writing vocation, learn exciting things about about travel & fashion each day..and most importantly...thanks exclusively to blogging..i have turned into a decent cook!!
  • I have more friends now. And my life's an open book, so to speak. And I'm loveing it.
  • Sorry for spelling mistake above, I meant loving it!
  • Blogging acts as a refuge for me. Refuge from the typically materialistic world, in which I dont seem to fit it, most of the times that is. I, kind of forget everything when I sit down to write. The way my thoughts pour out on the page is just amazing. At the end of it, I feel liberated from something that has kept me trapped since long. Yes, blogging acts as a therapy for me. Not that I am sick or something but all you people who blog, very well understand what I mean. I tend to feel about things in a better way. Worries go away and I come out as a better person. It has made me a calm person. I now know where I need to put my energies into. Thanks to blogging. I totally love it!
  • First of all I was surprise to see many bloggers.

    Blogging keeps me occupied. I keep thinking all the time. Most important thing that I learnt is importance of time. I started recently, so I won't say that I made many friends but yes I got the opportunity to interact with couple of people and it was just awesome.

    These days I also feels a sense of responsibility. I don't know what it is (I'm trying to figure out :) ) but yes I feel responsible. I'm have certainly improved as an individual. And I'm too Loving it!! :)
  • Hi all

    lots of changes in me...met a whole lot of new people...some of them have become real gud friends...have become more experimental fashion wise...and have ventured into travel and content writing!!
  • Blogging is the best medium for me to release my creative expression and say what I want to say.
    Blogging has become an important part of my daily routine.
    Blogging gives me something to look forward to every day and keeps me happy, health and stress-free.
    I believe that writing a blog a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Makes my day.....
  • I have made a lot of friends who blog on a wide variety of subjects. Prior to this, on SNS networks, I normally had friends from school, college and work. I am normally not comfortable adding folks I don't know. With bloggers, its easy to build a community feeling while getting to know them through their blogs.
  • Initially, I was going through a phase where I was comment-hungry or rather wanted people to read. But I think I'm past that stage.

    Not that I don't like comments, but it's made me a more mature blogger (or so I feel). I write to vent out my thoughts and personal opinions. It gives me a sense of command over my words. I get an opportunity to choose than deliver. I know now, how I need to voice my opinions. Also, it's given me a bunch of new friends who I can confide in the real virtual world :D

    Also having taken the step to Blogadda, it motivates me to write with the wide variety of contests and picks. It just gives a boost to the inner writer in me :)

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