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why people marry?

  • 1.To have a companion enforced for life.
    2.To learn patience the highest level.
    3.To sacrifice the ambitions.
    4.To finally realize that even the best of couples has to go through the worst phase and sometimes to part ways.
    5.To live with a life long irritation.(no itch guard boss, no solution at all)
    6.To know however fabulous couple they may be, they too get bored of each other.
    7.To avoid risk of being left alone for life, for financial safety....
    Many more like the above said... 80% of my friends are not happy with marriage, but everyone says one should get married.... is this marriage event in every ones life has become a world wide habit now that it has come to a point that it must happen.... May be the other side of marriage, being unmarried was never tried much.... and the low percentage of unmarried or single people is not giving a convincing positive result as it has not been much explored to the core, why it is not explored, here comes the loneliness part, being alone and happy is itself an art and 90% of people doesnt even risk to visit a movie hall filled with strangers and watch a 2.5hours movie alone, we want friends, family in that too.... am not able to come to a conclusion saying married is right or being single or unmarried is right cause am not able to find a lot of single fellows just to know whether they are loving it to be alone and they feel alive..... I support the fact that divorce rates have increased just for the cause to try life again being single and achieve the happinesss..... taking a piece of my research work from every ones life, everyone wants a break from their couple now n then, how i know? if the other half is not present at home then its party time, as crazy as Idi amin , they live and enjoy as if they only have the 10 days of life which the spouse wont be there at home .... So for successful, eventful and entertaining marriage life is space and freedom, touring, silence the most wanted things... adhuvum teriala... onnum puriyala paaa...even though i question the sanity of marriage finally am also gonna get married and thrashed.,The end to me soon

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