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Ways to increase blog traffic other than social media ..
  • the initial days in the life of a new blogger, when they merely rely on friends to increase their blog views... And face disappointment when even they don't take interest in reading or keep making excuses.. So all the good content that They write stays with them .. Any solutions please?? We wanna reach out to people ...
  • I guess connecting with bloggers in same situation will help. Like myself, I had a blog which got deleted by mistake, I am trying to restart it after 5 years. And, I am facing a similar problem like you. So, I guess we all know the answers. Also, websites like Blog Adda are a great solution, where actually bloggers like us can meet. What say?
  • I am sure there is another way out... Cause this will take ages for newbees like us to get somewhere... Bloggers who who have been blogging for years should you suggest something pls..

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