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Is researching on a topic to create a great article considered copying?
  • Have you ever felt like maybe you were copying an article you saw online, when in reality you are just trying to get an idea about how to carry on with the article, and make it a perfect one!?
  • not at all. I usually give credit to anything I take from anywhere.
  • Ditto!

    This question came up cz I've seen some people who write, stressing vehemently on the fact that 'one's article should be one's own, there shud be NO copying.' They even think that researching would dilute their own thoughts about the topic.
    No one is Wikipedia. Looking up stuff for an article should never hurt one's conscience.
  • @shubhras @kofykat: When one is writing on a topic which is loaded with facts and information, then you need to look up the Internet. After all, one doesn't want to provide any wrong data to their readers. Researching is absolutely fine.

    And yes, if you are using somebody's content, then you must credit the source. Infact, one may even want to give credit to a blogger/website, if one's post was inspired by them.

    What do you think?
  • As @teamblogadda says, crediting the source is very important. It makes your post look credible and will be linked more readily by others who research from your site. Also, when you credit bloggers by linking to them, there is a good chance that they'll take a note of it and credit you back.
  • @TeamBlogAdda @bloggerrajesh I totally agree with you! Favor bank, when run in good spirits, never disappoints :)
  • Doing research to write an article is not at all copying. Research helps the writer to obtain information which will help him/her to create his/her masterpiece. At the end of the day, it is the writer's own words and style that forms the article. So definitely there is no copying involved. As rightly pointed out by bloggerrajesh, mentioning the source of the facts, figures, etc. would add crediblity to the writr's article.
  • Fantastic topic brought up for discussion.
    While personal journals with lighter content do not often require research because they are recollections or accounts of incidents, events or opinions, serious blogging - where facts, figures and news is involved - research is a must. Of course, due credit is definitely a good thing.

    The discussion on what differentiates copying from referring is another interesting topic. Part of my job involves reporting tech news and most of the time, my sources are other leading websites and tech blogs. Personally, I think what separates copying and referring is just one thing: opinion.

    A writer who gets inspired from another post, who has to take certain aspects from other posts must certainly form an opinion and present the views that he has - not what the source article / post has. Even if the views are similar, the individuality will surface if it is a process of "reference" - as opposed to copying.

    Forming an opinion is not easy unless you are in the loop of things (for instance, the current affairs related to the particular topic you are writing on). And that finally means, research. Research is everything: what we hear, what we see, what we listen, what we observe, what we read and finally what opinions we form about the subject.

    Kudos to Shubhras and TeamBlogAdda and all others for bringing up and making this essential discussion public.
  • I would like to add another angle to this. Our study system is rote learning, so most people do not understand that copy+paste is plagiarism, and hence get into trouble doing just that. It is a hangover from school days when they simply plundered google for information and presented it as their own work. People do that and then get shocked when they are looked as thieves stealing others work. Giving due credit and citing the source of your information does not make you less brilliant. It simply makes you responsible.
  • Don't think so. Researching is must if you are coming up with a post that asks for facts, stats and quotes by others to support your opinion. But due credit has to be given to the sources of information. Apart from this, I don't think researching is considered copying. After all, the presentation and words are yours. But such posts, must convey your own opinion /observation too. It has to have your personal touch. Lack of that will make your post sound like a copy.

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