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Sunglasses Contest
  • Just wondering when we are likely to hear from GKB Optics regarding the declared prizes ......
  • I've already heard from them....
  • @suranga We guess you would have got a mail. :)
  • Blogadda, I did get a mail re the 1200 voucher code. What I was wondering about were the other prize, Raybans etc, where one's name is listed in the top 5. Havent heard about that from either you or GKB . Just wondering if I missed something.
  • me too. still waiting. thanks god. I thought i was the only one who hadn't gotten the parcel :-P
  • No answer either from GKB or blogadda. Blogadda, still waiting for some clarification from your/GKB end. .....
  • @Suranga @kofykat You can mail us at contact@blogadda.com whenever you have any queries. :) The prizes have been shipped.
  • thanks for the reply, blogadda ! Will wait on the parcels and get back to you.....
  • Just a quick note to tell you that I received the GKB package 10 minutes ago, and its being avidly checked out . GKB guys want us to send a photo wearing the Raybans. (Finally, here's my chance to look like a senior mafia ....:-)) . Thanks to blogadda and GKB.

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