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how does blogadda work?
  • They said put a sticker of blogadda and traffic will increase. (my blog is doing well but who doesn't like the idea of more traffic?) but that has not happened. so i guess i have not figured out how blogadda or any other such sites work. (Am new to blogging.)
    my blog is www.leenawriterblog.wordpress.com

    thank you
  • Same about me.Trying to figure out how blogadda works.Dont they have an FAQ section here.Cant find it
  • how to add friends and create a list on your bog profile..please help
  • Hi All, Please share some tips with me. I am also new to Blogadda with the same motive to increase traffic to my blog, build network, meet different bloggers and learn the art of blogging. However I am struggling to add friends and figure out how to increase traffic even though I have added their sticker on my blog.
  • I too am new to blogadda. please advice hot to add more readers.
    how can we interact with co bloggers or promote our posts.
    i have added blogadda sticker to my blog already.
  • I have added bloadda badge but didn't get the backlink from them and no traffic came from this
  • @sandy16 If your blog is approved, you automatically are linked from the site for readers to discover and visit your blog.
  • How do you add friends? Where are my blog posts displayed? What are the "lists" about? This is a very confusing site. I have submitted my blog site. Do I need to submit individual posts? If not, where are they displayed. I have put the vote for me rating system on my sidebar, it's frozen at 4. What do these rankings accomplish? Please help.
  • Hi, I have been posting on Tangy Tuesdays and Spicy Saturdays. But none have been featured. My wow posts have been featured though. I wish to know the selection criteria. My website is approved but how can I come to know the ranking? Where should the code given be added? Is it to the individual blog or website? Kindly confirm.
  • I am too confused.

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