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Which is better blogspot or private wordpress blog?
  • As a new blogger what one should go for blogspot or wordpress?
  • Blogging ki baat ki jaay toh sabse
    pehla sawaal hota hai ki kon sa
    plateform hamare blog ke liye better
    hoga. qureshiinfotech.com/2016/06/who-is-better-wordpress-or-blogspo-html/
  • If you blog for passion and no intention to earn money out of it then wordpress with free plan.

    Want to earn money without spending blogspot

    If you want to be professional blogger buy a domin it will cost yearly 3k on shared plan.
  • R u serious about blogging and if you want income with your blog I am suggest you build blog on wordpress
  • ager blogging mai new hai to blogger best hai,,and blogger par sikh kar firr blog ko wordpress par tranfer kar sktey hai ..

  • I have blogs on both, and find Wordpress better in terms of features and navigability
  • i uses both blog ie wordpress or blogger but wordpess is good in Look, Features.in wordpress we creating attractive blog plz visit my Blog that i have created and See how wordpress blog look better - https://orthodonticdentalclinic.wordpress.com/

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