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Lack of commentators
  • Hi friends,
    this is priya raj from http://pencilstripes.blogspot.com I am new to the blogosphere, thank God I found blogadda. My posts have been notified for two "WOW" initiatives, i can see that there are many visitors too, but i see none of them commenting.. Its something like a feel bad issue, and i strongly believe that comments are the strongest way of improvisation.. What should i do, or have i gone wrong somewhere? please, advise :)
    thanks n regards
  • Yes, i agree Abhid.. i started the blog too, with the same intention. Regarding, what you say, i never get satisfied with what i write, i am always on the verge of improvisation.. i don't know whether it is right or wrong, i love to write and re-write, till something strikes me to stop. I think, practise might make me, perfect :) thanks, yaar!!
  • Hey priya,

    I can perfectly relate to this, cos I was new to the blogosphere almost 10 months back :) Relax....everyone faces this.... !
    What you can do is, you can visit some blogs and leave comments there, so that they know you've been there and you are a new face, as you can mention that you're commenting for the first time since you're new :)
    They'll always come back :) You'll definitely get good comments and followers over time, gradually :) I know it from experience !
    In the blog world, love spreads fast :) Cheers !!
  • Yes, i understand sreeja, thanks for the kind words.. I have read your posts.. somewhat gives a bubbly feel.. i agree completely, the blogospere is so wide spread, am it takes a little time.. All the best for you too!! :)

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