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WOW - Feeling Hot..Hot..Hot!
  • Oh.. Why isn't mine featured?? Everyone liked it :(
  • I regret participating here on this site...think many others are too..but just not saying for the sake of being nice..probably love stories are more appreciated here..Congratulations to all winners..:)No issues with them...but the selection team is not fair enough..well that is what I feel.Many others had written nicely...Priya4raj,Cifar...
  • Thank you BlogAdda team for all the motivation :)! feels good to see my entry in the list ...
  • @priya4raj We've seen your posts before where your posts have been featured and our team believes that you have written posts previously that were better than this one. there's always a next time, right?

    @awriter Hi, Our team reads through every post and only then the above list is prepared. This is the first time you have written for wow and because you didn't make it to the list just the first time, it would be unfair to regret participating. We as a team, to encourage creative writing keep coming up with interesting prompts each weekend. There's always a next time where you can try again. We also hope you had a look at the other posts to realize how well written they were. Your post was also extremely nice about the wedding and how you wanted to look perfect but the others were just a slight notch better. We look forward to your participation :)

    @julekha You are most welcome! Keep Blogging :)
  • Thank you so much BlogAdda team for selecting my post...It was my first time with WOW Prompt...It feels awesome :)
  • True BA team.. this is not the end.. but to be precise, i thought my post for 'lights off-in-the-lift", prompt was way too simple to be selected.. but it was, this time, I was satisfied with what i presented.. For the first time, i am amused about your expectations...but it's ok.. I understand that it is a team's views. I totally agree and accept.
  • Congratulations to all winners. :) Too bad I could not participate for this WOW.
    @awriter Actually, I specifically deal with macabre and horror themes and I've been mentioned every time I've participated. So no, they are not biased. :)
  • I went through as you mentioned , frankly I found few selected ones not at all witty.......It is not the matter of getting featured here, it is matter of being fair!
  • @aaryavedasharma Congratulations! A first time mention is always special. Keep Blogging :)

    @stri07 Congratulations! That's awesome :) Keep Writing.

    @priya4raj We thank you for understanding and love that spirit :) We look forward to your posts ahead!

    @Abhid15 Thank you!

    @awriter We do not give any special preference to love stories or any particular kinds of posts. In fact, the prompts we provide also range over a volley of genres. We need you to trust us on the fact that the posts are chosen on the whole as a team's decision and are not biased. Look forward to your participation ahead!

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