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World Sudoku & Puzzle Championships - 2017 - Bangalore, India
  • Hi all,

    I used to be a little active here and I also used to actively maintain my own blog. Those of you who remember me will know that my blog was a place where I posted puzzles I created, and that I am a regular competitor in Sudoku and Puzzle competitions on the International circuit.

    Its been a while since I've been active on any blogging network, because I've gotten further and further involved in the Puzzle community which has kept me pretty busy. However, there is something I want to bring to the attention of the general blogging community here just to see if someone is interested in what we are doing.

    There are a lot of things I am involved in these days. I organize the National Sudoku & Puzzle Championships in India. I continue to construct puzzles but nowadays I submit them to GM Puzzles, a USA based company which has a regular puzzle blog and publications. I have recently been appointed as the Director of the World Puzzle Federation (WPF). But the reason I am making this post is something else I am involved in - the World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships 2017.

    Logic Masters India, the Indian representatives of the WPF, won the bid to host the Championships and will be doing so here, in Bangalore, from the 15th to the 22nd of October. I am one of the core organizers for this event. We are looking for partners, both in terms of media and sponsors. We have a good idea of what we need and what we can do which I can share. I don't want to crowd up this space too much though, especially with an off topic post so if anyone is interested drop me an email at prasanna16391@gmail.com.

    This post is not expressly related to blogging, so I can understand if it gets taken down. But I see two main connections here. One is that I started my journey by maintaining a puzzle blog, so all of this can probably be taken as sharing my story. The other is that an aspect of blogging is networking too so maybe this interests some bloggers who see some way they can contribute. I am not entirely sure what that way is but I want to explore.

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