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How to generate titles for your blog posts when you blog in a small focussed niche?
  • Considerding you have been blogging for some time already, do you take special efforts to draft titles for your blog posts? Share your tips/experience.
  • Oh yes, forming titles is a essential part of writing a blog. I ensure that I completely confuse the readers with a long title or awaken their curiosity.
  • I write the post first. The title chooses itself :) but yes I do try and see that the title, even though gives an idea about the post, doesn't reveal everything about about it.
  • A good blog post title is one of the most important SEO factors. To make it simple, it is important to have a title that is enticing for people to click and read (and) should tell as much as possible about the article, for the search engines to pick up. SE's will pick it up even otherwise, but a good clear title can help a lot.
  • Start writing the post, and the title will come to you.
  • Like @blogerrajesh mentioned, the blog title and the associated permalink URL are key to SEO. I do take lot of effort in choosing my title for the post. Some of the factors that I try to take care of :

    1. It should be unique in comparison to the other post titles in my blog
    2. It should certainly convey the essence of the post. I mostly avoid irrelavant titles that may be detrimental to my organic traffic
    3. I try to make it appealing (or so I think) so that someone would be interested in knowing what the post is all about.

    Trust me, I read a lot about framing appealing titles that are for the readers and search engines alike and I still think I havent mastered it.

    I feel it is important to have a first draft of the title in place because that would be the central theme around which the post will revolve.

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