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WOW- Today is the last day of your life...!
  • Wow I topped :D
    Thank you BlogAdda :)

    Congrats to all the selected posts. I'm sorry I did not have enough time to read any post this time. I will read your posts soon :)
  • Thank you BlogAdda!
  • Thank you blogadda for considering my post worthy enough of being featured here.
  • thnx a lot blogadda :) made my day :)
  • Dear Blogadda,

    I posted something from 26th June but sad to say the moderator has not even approved or authorised my blog till date, Im a new user, does it take so long to get a blog activated ?

  • @sajmenon We have already approved your blog. Visit http://blog.blogadda.com/ for participating in our exciting contests and activities! Looking forward to read awesome stuff from you.
  • Thank you for approving the blog. is there any chance that it will be considered for a review on the above topic since i had submitted it on time.

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