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Stop to ponder...
  • A Warm Hello to all my fellow bloggers, writers and poets out there.

    All of us lead busy lives where we are not aware of when our day begins and when it ends. In such chaos and confusion, we often tend to forget or ignore the small, insignificant but important and vital things about life.

    Today, I draw your attention to one such point.
    Just for 5 minutes, stop your work and ponder for some time on the following question:

    When was the last time you did something for the first time?

    So, come on, take out a figment of memory from your minds and put it down here in words for all of us read.

  • I have a feeling that knowingly or unknowingly we end up doing many things for the first time everyday. All one needs to do is just go over the chronology of the day and here it is....'the first time' of something :)

    Today I bought a railway ticket using a concession form that was always available but I had never used it. Now come to think of it, can't remember why I never used it!
  • @Raindrop...Yes, you are correct in saying that we inadvertently do quite a lot of things for the first time most of the times.
    Hey, come to think of it, even I haven't used that one. :) :) :)
    Will make it a point to use that one next time :D

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