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What strategies do you use to promote your blog?
  • I think sending your sites link via whatsapp or any other messenger also works, as mobile communication is more convenient..
  • Promotion of Website/blog depends upon the content / topic you are writing on. You blog's google ranking would also depends on content and key words you are using. Do ensure your content is what people are looking for in Google.

    Besides, Social Media, Google +, Friends distribution. Talk about your blog to your friends and acquaintances as much as possible. I hope it will help.

    Happy Blogging :-)

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  • Mutual sharing of article links with fellow bloggers might work.
  • there are many people who promote their blog online.
    But there are very few who does it offline.
    I promote my blog offline,
    you can also promote it by,
    personalised visiting cards,
    also if you are travelling somewhere you can tell people about your blog(but first see if they are interested or not)
    also,I tell my colleagues and friends about it.
    Many companies organise meets you can go to one of them and talk about your blog.
  • Started by blog on 06 nov 2014, got 40K views so far, basically its for Bank employees. I do share in various FB related groups. Please visit and advise
  • hey guys, i am a new blogger. i want tips to promote my blog
  • basically, blogging started as a hobby and was growing along side the websites. Somewhere down the line the growth of blogs got muted. Thereafter the prospect of earning through blogs is now making people to go for blog writing and there is now a lot of interest developing in blogging primarily encouraged by the earning potential of blogs.But it is not that easy and quick to make the blog popular enough to draw sufficiently large footfalls and thereby making it attract a lot of opportunities to monetise the same.The only way is to post good contents which the reader finds useful and which will interest him/her to visit our blog regularly.Placing good quality and authentic information and making regular posts (at least one in a week) will ensure the credibility of our blog and slowly but surely the word of mouth spread about the blog will bring footfalls. This is a fairly long process. We need a lot of patience.Our first priority shall be writing good posts and regularly too.Income generation will be a byproduct once our blog succeeds in attracting viewers to it.


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  • I used to have two blogs with good readership which I decided to close and now I got back to writing blogs on my own domain after I published my book sand got active on Twitter for promotions.

    So my three social media work in parallel , my books contain links to my blog and Twitter handle , My blog has link to my Twitter handle and books , And twitter is where I find my readers for both my books and blog . I am very active in reciprocating comments and visits to my readers . So that I connect at one to one level and retain my readership . It worked in past , I am convinced it will work in future.

    If you want me to visit your blog , drop in to my blog , leave a comment and I will follow your trail. If your content interest me , I will follow.

    Happy Blogging
  • You can use reddit, quora and guests posting with other websites. to promote your blog apart from Facebook and Twitter. Share your nice article with http://kokolevel.com/. This give you better edge for awareness.

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