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  • Name : Somu
    Blog URL : http://www.woodooz.com
    Interests : Woodworking, DIY, Home repair, Arts and Crafts
    Favorite quote : If you can do, do it yourself
    And am in search of similar woodworking blogs in India. Anyone ?
  • Name: Vipul chaudhary
    Blog Url: http://nayadinnayikahani.blogspot.com
    Interests: Reading, traveling, Surfing www, love to talk a lot.......
    What are you looking for: Some good blogs
    Favourite Quote: Kya kar rahe ho be! Kasam se!
  • Name: Rituparna Ghosh
    Blog Url: http://rituparnaghosh.wordpress.com
    Interests: Reading, Writing, traveling, films
    What are you looking for: A few good reads
  • Name: Vishal V Kale
    Blog URL: http://reflectionsvvk.blogspot.in/
    Interests: Reading - Indian History, Development; Fiction, Business News, Music, Travelling
    What are you looking for: Reading ideas, news, good blogs
    Favourite Quote: Jeevan mein tu darnaa nahi, sar neechaa kabhi karnaa nahi - Himmat waale ko marnaa nahi!
  • NAME: Deeptiman Chatterjee
    BLOG URL: http://deepchatter.blogspot.com/
    INTERESTS: writing, reading, moonlighting musician, travelling, sketching and finally, my career as a bio-research scientist
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR: 'new and interesting stuffs'
    FAV QUOTE: i made him an offer he couldn't refuse... AAH!
  • hi everyone!!!

    Name: Swati
    Blog URL: http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/
    Interests: Books, travelling, beauty
    Favourite Quote: "It takes a lot of courage to show your dream to someone else."
  • Hello Fellow Bloggers!

    Name: Abhinav
    Blog URL: http://www.alwaysabhinav.com/
    Interests: Blogging, Net Surfing, Travelling, Reading
    What are you looking for: Some good discussions between the fellow bloggers
    Favourite Quote: Luck is directly proportional to sweat, the more you sweat the luckier you get.
  • name: Aniruddh
    Blog url: http://aniruuud.blogspot.in/
    Interests: intellectual, reality and philosophical
    What are you looking for: Some good and plausible discussion on the topics of my interests
    Favourite Quote:"if man wants to live on earth, as a human being, he has to hold reason as an absolute.
    he has to hold reason as an only guide to action & must live by an independent judgement of his own mind.
    Highest moral purpose is the achievement of his own habits"- AYN RAND

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