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  • Name: Salomi Gupta
    Blog URL:http://fabulicious-me.blogspot.in
    Interests: Fashion, eating(yes I am a complete foodie), cooking, reading, makeup, movies, music ...... the list does not end....
    What are you looking for: Networking with other bloggers
    Favourite Quote: 'Critics are your best friend' and ' Live as if it is your last day'

  • Name: Partha

    Blog URL:http://parthasadhukhan.wordpress.com/

    Interests: Feminism, Family Laws, Crime

    What are you looking for: Sharing experience.
  • Name: Ankush
    Blog URL: http://www.iobserve.in
    Interests: sports, music, pro wrestling, and blogging
    What are you looking for: to get heard and hear others out
    Favourite quote: open the package called brain, you might be surprised
  • Name-Ajay rayal
    Blog Url-http://theuttarakhandportal.blogspot.com
    Interests-Singing, Guitaring, Blogging, Exploring new things, Net surf
    What are u looking for-discussions that are serious and helpful
    Favorite Quote-To cover a long distance, you have to start with first step.

  • Name: Angan Chandra
    Blog URL:http://www.rupee2wealth.com
    Interests: Finance, investment, money management etc
    What are you looking for: good post as well as like minded follower
    Favourite Quote: - Wealth can not be earned, it can be generated
  • Name: Rekha
    Blog URL: http://rekspoursout.wordpress.com
    Interests: Reading, Writing, Music, Gardening
    What are you looking for: Parenting and other interesting topics of my interest
    Favourite Quote: - For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
  • Name: Arunava Chatterjee
    Blog URL: http://www.jolphoring.co.in
    Interests: Poetry and Story telling
    What are you looking for: Some good discussion between the fellow bloggers
    Favourite Quote: - Stay hungry ... stay foolish !! ;)
  • Name: Someone is Special
    Real Name: Saravana Kumar Murugan
    Blog URL: http://www.fewmiles.in
    Blog Name: Few Miles
    Interests: Reading, writing, cooking, Tamil literature and etc.,
    What are you looking for: Healthy discussion on blogging
    Favourite Quote: - "Someone is Special for Something", "“Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.” - Voltaire" and many :)

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