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  • Name: Sapna
    Blog URL: http://dreamysap.wordpress.com
    Interests: Reading, Blogging, Movies
    What are you looking for: Getting to know fellow bloggers
    Favourite Quote: There ain't no free lunch!
  • Name: Mahathi Ramya
    Blog URL: http://fantastic-feathers.blogspot.com
    Interests: reading books, dancing, travelling
    What are you looking for: read good blogs and network with other bloggers
    Favourite Quote: When you lose, don't lose a lesson
  • Name : Shubhra
    Blog URL: http://curleduptoes.wordpress.com/
    Interests: reading books,writing/blogging,watching movies,travelling
    What are you looking for: looking for the level to which I can work up with blogging and meeting bloggers who have same interests as mine(specially those who are in love with books).
    Favourite Quote: Don’t expect, & there will be no frustration. Frustration is just a shadow which follows expectation.
    Also, People who love reading books don't go to bed alone.(read somewhere)
  • Name: jigar doshi
    Blog URL: http://jigardoshi20991.blogspot.com/
    Interests: reading and writing.
    What are you looking for: good and interesting reads :)
    Favourite Quote: "no revenge is as complete as forgiveness."
    suggestions/comments are welcome :)
    thank you :)
  • Name:
    Blog URL: http://braddugg.blogspot.in/
    Interests: Photography, Reviewing Movies, Writing Poetry, Writing Stories and Scripts
    What are you looking for: Poepl who have similar interests and to know of their work
    Favourite Quote: Man is an end in himself - Ayn Rand
  • Name: Ashwini
    Blog URL: http://urbanchai.blogspot.com
    Interests: Photography, my kids, experiments in the kitchen, outdoors
    What are you looking for: Networking
    Favourite Quote: Ek chai ho jaye
  • Name:Vajra
    Blog URL:http://maverickvajra.blogspot.com
    What are you looking for:To share my Random thoughts and to know other bloggers who are well versed in their respective thoughts.
    Favourite Quote: Believe in Yourself
  • Name: Princess Poo
    Blog URL: http://sweetsomethingz.blogspot.in/
    Interests: Reading, Writing, Singing, Dancing, Playing Guitar, Gardening and Playing.
    What are you looking for: Actually nothing :P
    Favourite Quote: Aim for the starts you'll atleast land up on the sky :) :D.
  • Name: Sami
    Blog URL: http://theembarrassment.wordpress.com/
    Interests: Reading, writing, stand up comedy, football, movies
    What are you looking for: Anything that can make me laugh
    Favourite Quote: The place where I come from, there ain't no plan B so believe in today coz tomorrow is not promised.
  • Name: remo
    Blog URL: http://tryst-with-the-shutter-bug.blogspot.com/
    Interests: Photography, Travelling, Trekking, Hiking, Reading, Long rides, Blogging, Movies
    What are you looking for: To share my photography with others and get some feedback that will help me further hone my skill.
    Favourite Quote: The buck stops here

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