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  • Name- Confused Soul

    Blog URL- perceptionsofaconfusedsoul.blogspot.in

    Interests- Dancing, Reading, Writing, Music, Having an intellectual conversation, Good food :D , Acting (nautanki), Cracking PJ's :P

    What are you looking for: Inner peace. Does that sound intellectual? :P .. Hehe..

    Favourite Quote: this one- "..." :D

    "The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work. " :)
  • @confusedsoul
    Inner peace always reminds me of Kung Fu Panda 2 :D
  • Name: Sreedeep Sreekanth
    Blog URL: http://myuntamedmind.wordpress.com
    Interests: Reading, Writing ( perhaps obvious! ), Graphic Design, Coding, Photography
    What are you looking for: Meaningful reads; Short stories and poems, articles that focus on imp. social/cultural issues
    Favourite Quote:No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.
  • Name: Shanti Kiran
    Blog URL:http://dailydosageofmotivation.blogspot.in/
    Interests:Blogging, animal welfare, anti-dowry talk, gender equality and personality development
    What are you looking for: Like minded people who want to improve themselves and the quality of life..want to spread awareness against cruelty and dowry..hope to make people feel supergood about themselves!!
    Favourite Quote:
    Forgive the person if he deserves it, forget the person if he doesn't..thats wat the phase "forgive and forget" means!! by SHANTI KIRAN:-)
  • Name: Perfectly Imperfect

    Blog URL: http://iamexactlywhereiamsupposedtobe.blogspot.in/

    Interests: Blogging, photography, writing, reading, travelling, music and to enjoy life :D

    What are you looking for: Over here ?
    A healthy platform to meet bloggers, share and connect with them.

    Favourite Quote: "You don't have good days, you make them good!"
  • Name: Deepz
    Blog URL: http://dreamers-chronicles.blogspot.in/
    Interests: Writing, reading,movies,fashion, music, photography
    What are you looking for: good blogs and learning from them, meeting and networking with like minded people, growth in the blogosphere by getting feedback from fellow bloggers
    Im also looking for: Fashion bloggers from Chennai
    Favourite Quote: "Live life to the fullest!"
  • Name: Amruta
  • Name: Amruta
    Blog URL: http://amrutam-nopen.blogspot.com/
    Interests: Reading, Gardening, Sports and lots of writing
    What are you looking for: There is such a lot of talent in the blogosphere, just hoping to explore that and find some good reads. Also, be able to reach out to maximum people with my writing :)
    Favorite Quote: All my favorite quotes are on my blog, but one of my all-time favorites is "I would rather die of passion than of boredom"
  • Name: Megha Sarin
    Blog URL: http://www.meghasarin.blogspot.com
    Interests: Fitness, Fashion, Lifestyle, Books, Movies
    What are you looking for: I love to connect with all kinds of bloggers and learn from them. It is never-ending and so is creativity.
    Favourite Quote: Walk alone. Define yourself. People come and go.
  • Good to see all of you here! :)

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