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  • Name: Swapnil Pandey
    Blog url:https://fairytaleofasimplegirl.wordpress.com/

    Interests: Blogging, Swimming, Gymming, Body building, Shopping, Fashion

    What are you looking for: Some great interactions with like minded bloggers.

    Favourite quote: "World is a blackhole and people are assholes."
  • Name: Royson
    Blog URL: http://whatthebrainthinks.blogspot.in/
    Interests: Trips, Reading, Food, Blogging
    Looking for: To mingle up with other bloggers
    Favorite quote: Its about the journey, not the destination
  • name: Leena kapadia
    Blog URL: www.leenawriterblog.wordpress.com
    interests: I like to explain Psychological concepts in the form of stories to make it interesting and easy to understand
    What are you looking for: team up with other bloggers to make our blogs successful
    Favourite Quote: Happiness is a habit - leena kapadia
  • Name: Subha
    Blog URL: http://myriadflavoursoflife.blogspot.in
    Interests: Books,Music,Technology,Blogging,Writing
    What are you looking for: To connect with fellow bloggers
    Favourite Quote: Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha
  • Name: Abdullah
    Blog URL: http://www.pdhotspot.com
    Interests: Technology, SEO, Blogging.
    What are you looking for: Sharing my site with everyone and need everyone review on it.
    Favourite Quote: "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" - Steve Jobs!
  • name -Dr. Gaurang
    blog - http://www.skinblog.in/
    interests - Nothing
    What are you looking for - just looking for what exactly i looking for?
    Favourite quote- “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Bill Gates

  • Name - MCR WORLD
    Intrests - India financial news and views on stock and commodity market
  • Hi,
    Name: Sudipta Kr Maiti
    Blog Url: http://tuneupsuccess.com
    Interests: Reading,Team work, Trying new receipe
    What are you looking for: Some good blogs on self development and my blog review
    Favourite Quote: Success is 100% Failure
  • Name: Manasi Gopalakrishnan
    Blog URL:www.mommysmagic.wordpress.com
    Interests:Travelling, reading, TV Shows, Surfing
    What are you looking for: A few good reads
    Favourite Quote:Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you will get

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