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Forgotten people
  • India's population is determined by the census check that happens every decade. This includes people with identity proof for themselves and family like the Ration card. Has anyone given a thought about the people living in the open? Those who don't have a residence. These are the people that takes alms for living. They have been forced to come to streets because of various situations, could be a natural disaster, war or were foresaken by family. Has anyone turned their attention towards them? We know one side of the story where someone is controlling them, make them beg and make a fortune out of it, but the individauls have a starting point. At some point, they yield to the idea of begging. It could be hunger or insecurity. Has any of the governments in the past cared for them? For the political parties, people means 'voting public'. Those who are homeless are not their concern. The plans government implement is made use by the voting public. These people once had a family, but the present situation is not viable for them to become part of the society. Can someone adopt them?

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