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Sports in India
  • In India, sports is considered as a luxury. A youth who has time beyond his education and job can take up sports part time. Does anyone from the crowd think it is cruel? I do. India with the world's second largest population has good number of professionals in the following fields.. Medicine, Engineering, Law, Accountants, Bankers, Information Technology professionals, Educationalists, Agriculturist, Businessmen, Government servents, Public sector employees and also people who have assumed politics as a way to earn a living. But the sports community has its barriers. Sports is considered as a relaxation from stress in India. A person pursues sports activities till his/her college days and from there on takes up a different profession to lead their life. Is this healthy for Indian sports? One way it is expensive affair to accept sports as a profession for individuals. But, if a person is resolved to make a mark, it could well take him to the top draw in that sport. Why do Indian parents have an aversion for sports activities? Is education a better option? There are limits to education, but for sports there are endless opportunities. Recently there has been a rise of interest in football(soccer). Hockey has survived. Cricket is flourishing, but what is the condition of other branches? Especially athletics..! India has very good athletes in all it's categories or subdivisions. But sponsorship is reduced to club level. Some other sports have seen some unsung heroes come and gone. It's time parents embrace an open minded attitude towards sport. There's unlimited opportunities, money, fame and future in it. And it goes without saying that a sports person has less chances of illness barring extreme occurrences. It is my deep desire to see India perform well in the international arena. We've got some legends to be proud of in wrestling, boxing, badminton etc. It's about time, the children are allowed to chose their profession. A decision they will not regret because, they are allowed to chose what they like most. India's future in sports is in the hands of the parents who decide to break the jinx. Lets hope for it.

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