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Indian movies and songs- have they really lost their identity?
  • Weekend. As I was trying to replenish my lost energy for the upcoming week by listening to songs, I realized something. A few of the songs in my playlist caught my attention. The lyrics of the song failed to do what it intended to do. Rather it was spreading uncouth messages. The worst part is, this has become a trend now. Almost all the songs (which i started noticing henceforth) were no different. Now is that phase in which such songs tops the list. It pained me. Songs, which doesn't have a proper censorship certification, is almost heard by people of all ages. Isn't it vital to make sure it has proper content?
    Writing songs is rather a beautiful art. Earlier, selected people with proper qualification and good command over the language did it. But today, it is not the case. Well, nothing bad when people try to express themselves and expand their heuristics, but it should pass a U/A-test in at least their own minds, shouldn't it? Double-meanings, vulgar messages and a lot more cultivates unimportant thoughts in the heads of the people.
    Songs are a means of propagating messages. It would be nice if the platform is used well. I'm not being naive or something here by demanding very disciplined lyrics with morals etc, but at least the irrelevant part may be ignored. Gone are the days where songs meant values and messages and comedies meant unadulterated humor. Today they are the means of planting unnecessary ideas in minds which wouldn't otherwise pop up. Yes, there are some songs that are quite different, that soothes the soul and gives inner peace. But the opposites exist too.
    It would be really kind if people think about this and start changing for good. Songs are written based on the interest shown by us, the people. If the notion is welcome by everyone, then that will be better. As India globalizes and the interest of the people change, it is important to make sure that the very pride of India is not lost. Holding up to the roots and not letting the flavor go away is rather important.
    Making sure that songs and movies rather spread a healthy message and creates a positive impact will be very much appreciated today. Personally, I have a feeling that a lot of crimes can be reduced to a good percentage if right content is spread. Who knows, may be it spreads too much good and people walk towards 'greater good'.

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