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What are your take-aways from this Blog world?
  • Blogging has given me a varied interaction. I get to share views with loads of people some of whom have become really good friends. I enjoy the interaction.
  • The chance to meet so many like-minded people, for starters. Definitely, the freedom to write and be creative, while also having your opinions heard - that's important to me too, frankly.
  • For a stay at home Mom like me who lives in a 'small' town without many friends, it's a wonderful way to feel like you're actually socializing!! Also, you have a space where you can talk about things you feel strongly about, and read people's responses to the same. There is something to be said about the whole 'facelessness' of blogging :-)
  • I love the network of friends that I've made through my blog !!! Its because of my blog, I was able to connect with people of my kind of thinking and its been great !!!

    Of course, the added bonus was my own realization that I could write....could write well enough to communicate a thought or idea....and there are people who'll read my writing and like it too !!!
  • Blogging gave me the confidence to write. I was never trained to write so when readers liked what I wrote, it was very heartening. I was able to turn writing in to a profession only because of my blog.
    I agree friends in the blogging world make it a great place to be.
  • I learned that people are the same everywhere. Whether in real world or virtual world. It took 4 years to learn that. Seriously! :)
  • Well said @Fab, the 2 fabulous C's of Blogging... Communicate and Connect with the like minded people are truly big take-aways from Blogging.
  • @umsreflections Oh yes, blogging has helped us forge some wonderful relationships. If I am in Bangalore or in Chennai or in Pune..., I know, who I HAVE to meet in these cities! Blogging has transformed the virtual friends into real-life friends! Truly something we value so much!

    And yes, realizing your potential to express is such a heart warming feeling!

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