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Why is Blog Adda forum not so succesful?
  • I was one of those people who felt blog Adda should start a forum to engage members more. But its been a while and hardly see any activity. I wonder why? Folks - share your thoughts.
  • My thoughts:-

    1. They lost first mover advantage. People are already used to other communities. So what the value add discussing the same things with the same people on a different forum? - Maybe an unique value proposition is necessary to attract members from other communities
    2. Enthusuiastic people needed to drive the discussions - Premium bloggers was a great initiative to get the flow going. But after one post they premium bloggers seem to have lost steam.
    3. Initiatives like the new Gilette threads don't help at all. It erodes the credibility of forums. It looks to be very active but I doubt if any of them are bloggers at all. Every one of them asking questions there has joined the forum after the thread has started and their only activity has been on that thread asking inane question - Maybe linking forum membership to Blog Adda membership will esnure only genuine bloggers participate and establish more credibility.
  • Do you think a page of their very own for every individual blogger might help? It should be unique to Blogadda though - not something done by other platforms. And it should definitely let you promote your own posts on your own page. I love the Blogadda "tangy tuesday or spicy saturday" picks. That's definitely a winner of an idea.
  • @The_Fool @KayEm Yes. We have been a dormant volcano but we are back now. We want to make this place as @The_Fool says a very unique place which will have quality conversations. :) Let us make it happen. What say?
  • Another thing I've only just realised is that there is no forum button on the blogadda site and when we do come here we have to sign in again. Access should be easier than that and open to all blogadda members.
  • I've seen your "Introducing CONVERSATIONS" box on other pages but still not on your home page
  • A button on blogadda.com that says, "forum" or "have your say" or "conversations". For example, only two people have commented on your blogadda contest topic and I'm sure many more would like to but just don't know how.
  • @KayEm Yes. We are implementing it right away. As soon as it happens, you all will be the first to be notified. :)
  • @KayEm We have added the link. :)
  • Hopefully we'll see more action now. Perhaps this thread should be deleted now?
  • Yes @KayEm. We look forward to see more action, with your support. And yes, we shall remove this soon.

    @The_Fool We have linked the membership to the forum. Looking forward to see you.

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