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Celebrate Blogging - BlogAdda Blog Awards
  • Friends! As you are aware, we have launched this brand new initiative which is called 'Celebrate Blogging'. You have been a part of the several initiatives at BlogAdda. It's time we honour all the efforts that you have put in for years.

    We are here with the first ever BlogAdda Blog Awards, where we celebrate blogging like never before! We would want your thoughts, ideas, discussion, feedback and anything around the campaign. Let us know.
  • I had a question about the categories... my blog is registered as 'Personal' on blogadda... it is a mixture of lot of things, humor, memoirs, opinions, women's issues... I really don't know which category to nominate it in... could you please help...
  • The "Creative Writing" category - Isn't it too vast and all emcompassing? Writing short stories, poetry and reviews are all totally different skills.
    Finally, there's no "Environment" category.
  • Just been reading your rules. One of them states, "Winners will be expected to participate in activities related to the Awards and BlogAdda." Can you please expand on this? What kind of activities? Online activities? If we need to be physically present and are stationed far away does that, in a way, disqualify us straight away?
  • @SunitaKurup Which is the next relevant category you think? You can also suggest a category.
    @KayEm Categories have been chosen based on Popularity. We are looking to add more and you can expect an announcement very shortly.

    With regards to rules. Winners are *expected*. In special cases as you mentioned, it will not mean disqualification in case of offline. :)
  • Good to know. Thanks.
  • yes I have been mulling over the next category....and thought of 'creative' .. but am not convinced that is where my blog belongs.... like among story writers and poets and photographers who have a speciality.... so I have suggested adding 'Personal' to the category.. will wait till you announce the additions...
  • Hello. I tried to nominate my own blog, but it says that my blog has already been nominated although I haven't filled out any form or anything. How is that possible?
  • @shuchitagoel We request you to send in your username and blog url to contact@blogadda.com and we will take it further from there.
  • Have you disclosed the names of the judges? Are you planning to? Who will shortlist the blogs? I know from the Saturday and Tuesday picks that you all do read the posts entered for those badges and hence they are valuable badges. But with so many blogs and each blog having so many posts I'm curious to know how the shortlisting will happen.
  • @KayEm The names comprising the Jury will be revealed very soon. We can assure you that they are going to be the 'Best'!

    With regards to shortlisting, are you referring to the Tangy and Spicy Picks selection?

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