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How do you moderate comments on your blog?
  • Do you choose not to publish certain comments? Why?
  • I started moderating comments when i realised that a lot of people were leaving comments on my old posts , which i was able to reply as i was simply not aware of them, therefore have opted for comment moderation so that i can answer any query...but i have switched off word verification as its only time consuming process....
  • I never had much spam to go with comment moderation, the inbuilt spam filters in Blogger seem to do the job. In any case, I will never remove any comment unless it is spam.
  • I don't.
    I think everyone has an opinion, be it good/bad.
    I take it positively and let it go.

    I don't justify much, unless I feel there is a need to.
    I respect what others have to say. Though if there's foul language involved, we have delete :D
  • I began to moderate comments, after getting spam comments, as earlier blog filters were not that robust.
  • I moderate comments only to stop spam without word verification. Lot of people seem to hate word verification.
  • In Wordpress, there is an option to moderate comments for the first time and thereupon, readers can comment freely. This helps a lot on personal blogs because people (like me) don't want their comments to always be held in moderation. Moderating comments seriously distracts a meaningful discussion taking place in a blog.

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