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  • What do you think are the advantages/ disadvantages of ebooks as opposed to print books, and do you have a device e.g a Kindle to which you can download an ebook?
    I am totally new to this so please forgive me if I fail to reply, or make any silly error due to ignorance. I will have to get my 10 year old grandson to help me! Thank you.
  • i like hard copy more...i do read pdf files in my laptop...
  • I too like hard copies. Just finished Dark White by Shweta Brijpuria. Awesome book, full filmy script.
  • I think e-books are great..I am addicted to these..you can read them in between work!
  • if there is a mind to read, we will read things printed on a piece of newspaper used for packing grocery.. The fact is we collect many books,, printed or ebook, but never progress in reading .. If I am permitted to confess, I would have started reading a few thousands of books but am not sure I have finished reading even hundred books. It is a different thing that I would have read a few of these books dozens of times..

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